Celebration Lane

Specializing in wedding & party accessories


1.8m Rustic Forms

1.8m Rustic Tables

Rustic Table & Form Combo

Rustic Forms seat 3-4 people

Hire per form: $17.00

Rustic tables to match our forms

Hire per table: $35.00

Table & Form Combo

(1 table and 2 form seats)

Hire per combo: $65.00

Half Barrels

Full Barrels

Barrel & Umbrella Combo

Hire per 1/2 barrel: $22.00 

Hire per barrel: $45.00 

Hire per combo $55.00

Rustic Wine Barrel Arch

Rustic Easle Board

 Table Seating Plan

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

1.8m high x 2m wide

Barrels are light Oak wine barrels

Decorations not included

Hire: $150.00

Rustic freestanding sign

80cm high

Hire: $12.00

Suitable for outdoor use

120cm high

Wooden pegs inlcuded

Hire: $12.00

Burlap Cutlery Holders

Burlap & Lace Bunting

Wood Rounds

20cm high x 9cm wide

Hire per holder: $0.50

3m lengths (12 flags)

Hire per bunting: $5.00

Oiled wood rings

Approximately 26cm wide

4cm thick

Hire per round: $3.00

Rustic Well

Wine Barrel Drinks Bar

Hessian Table Runners

Flowers not included

Hire $30.00

Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor use

2 x Wine Barrels

3 x 7.5l Glass dispensers

1 x Macrocapra bar top

Weekend Hire: 

Bar & Barrels only: $95.00

With Drink Dispensers: $140.00

With Drink Dispensers & Glasses: $190.00

Hessian Table runners

30cm wide x 2m long

Hire per runner: $4.00